• get back in touch with mother nature
  • start respecting my body and it’s natural messages
  • return to my love of yoga and movement

    there is nothing wrong with starting small I guess.

For the past month, I have been on and off restricting with the intention to lose the weight I have put on. It worked once before, right?

I’ve lost a lot. I haven’t lost any weight, however.
I’ve lost muscle, energy, motivation, happiness, confidence, yoga, the ability to enjoy food, the ability to enjoy life. 

My body is screaming at me, tell me, “No, not this time. Please.” And I think I am finally ready to listen to it again. 

Restricting to lose weight is ridiculous when my body refused to shed any. So I’m not going to restrict anymore. I’m going to eat, because clearly restricting is not the way to accept my body. It is definitely not how you learn to love your body. 

No more restricting. More eating. No more calorie counting. More intuition. Less self-critisizing. More focus on things that actually matter. No more unnecessary stress. More motivation to get shit done.

Just because I haven’t lost any weight doesn’t mean I wasn’t relapsing. It’s time to turn this relapse around. 

Yo please tell me It’s ok to wake up hungry and eat a big ol snack at 3AM plz

Anonymous asked: Even when you don't feel that way, you are

I bet you wouldn’t say this if I turned my anon off

Anonymous asked: You're even stronger than you know

who are youuu


I am really bad with names but I am really good with souls. I see you.